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Review Together / Alone


Together / Alone is a game set in the contemporary Prague. The characters who are playing the game, are normal people with their issues, romances and everything else. We created these characters via the workshops set before the game. The game was played mixed in Czech and English. As for the duration, there was one weekend for workshops a week between where we were creating our online life and 24 hours of the game itself. The main topic is whether we can be happy if we find our soul mate. I am not sure whether the game answered this question, at least not for me, but it was definitely worth playing.

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Kola – Konferencja Larpowa in Warsaw.

Kola is a polish larp conference with 4 years long history. This year it was organized by larpers from Warsaw, who got support of the faculty of liberal arts. The conference audience was mainly polish but there were also delegations from Italy, Ukraine, Russia and Czech Republic.

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