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Patrik´s Blog, Part 1

Patrik is probably only one of the active larpers of the Czech community who makes his larp summary in English. It is an interesting insight into this hobby because Patrik makes larps – and plays them – a lot. And his interests in themes are wide. We prepared a summary serial of his texts that provide an unique insight into his larp experience. So enjoy and we hope that it inspires you to make your own summaries. :-)

There it started…

Larp Summary for 2018

I wanted to take it a bit easier last year, so let’s see, how I managed it and how else than with using some statistics.
I have been part of 21 larp events, which is indeed less than in 2017 (decreased by 5 to be exact).
I played 14 larps as a player (which is the same number as last time) and 1 as NPC. Of those 5 were international ones.
I organised or co-organised 5 larps. One was international one (the first international one I ever organised mostly by myself).
Two larps I co-organised, I did not attend. One I co-organised, I even played as a player.
One larp I handed (with my co-organiser) over to new organising team.
For one Czech larp, I wrote a character abroad.
The longest larp I played this year lasted for two months (this year and ever).
The longest larp I organised (this year and ever) lasted for one month.
I played various of roles. A hacker and drug dealer to hire or policeman, some noblemen or pub fighter, vampires or military officer…

What about the future? Originally, I planed a lot more for this year (mainly organising international larps), but as my life exploded during summer and is only slowly going back together, I simply need to take things easier. But I already know, I will organise a vampire ball (and I may think about repeating it as an international event in future) and another re-run of historical medieval larp (15th century) – it needs some polishing, so there will be some work on it.
There may be a re-run of the police larp (but I doubt it, for reasons I said).
But I will definitely start working on an international Vampire Dark Ages larp, as I talked before about. It will be in 2020 and I have already some promo photos more or less ready, web sites in progress and I am looking for suitable location now (which is alpha omega of the project. If I do not find one here in CZ, I may even look abroad). Once again – this larp will be the largest one I ever done, so keep fingers crossed for me and expect some information coming out in one or two months.
To sum up: I definitely made a progress last year in organising larps and it seems, the trend will go on.
I have a lot of ideas for new larps, more than I can do right now, so do not worry, I would gone dry any time soon.
I wish you all great new year 2019! And I hope, I may see most of you this year (again)!

Larp Summary for February 2019

This will be a short one, as I organised only one event: a vampire ball. It was part of our Vampire: The Masquerade larp.
My (new) character is a very social and very posh, it fits for him to organise such event for the Camarilla court and me, as a player, I just love dancing.
The participants were the players and NPCs of the game and also „a public„. Everyone who attended the ball had to have a character from the VtM setting (a Kindred, Ghoul, blood doll…), so there were a lot of people not playing the game, but making the world „living and breathing„ with their presence and playing along.
I will most likely do it next year again (with my friend, who helped me to do this).
See? Short one.

Larp Summary for March 2019

March is my favourite month. First, I have a birthday (because what is more joyful than celebration of being closer to the grave, right, right?) and second, winter is usually ending and I just love warmer temperatures. Nevertheless let’s talk about larps.
I’ve been to two larps and one definitely-not-a-larp-conference during March.
The not-a-larp-conference is a meeting of people playing and creating larps. It started as a meeting of friends, but over time, people called for some more structured schedule, than just randomly talking. And so some people prepared topics, talks etc. (I am kinda reluctant to use the word “lecture”). Obviously the quality varies and the topics tend to repeat themselves. I’ve got really amused by one guy, who brought written collection of ten years old larp conference, where were similar or the exact same topics as this year. But the original idea – meeting friends – is still the main reason, most people come.
First larp Dědictví bouře, The Heritage of Storm, I played, was a post-apocalyptic one with magic. The world has been destroyed by a sudden appearance of magic that brought a storm, which destroyed nearly everything.
I played a commander of a military-like group, who is leading the group into the wilderness full of monsters, savages and enemy fanatics to recharge protective shield around Prague.
My character was a douchebag and not really fit for command. The funny thing – my character should die several times during the game (there was even a scripted death), but it just couldn’t happen. There was even a scene, where they wanted to finally shoot me into my back, but the weapon failed to shoot (we used airsoft guns).
The game wasn’t perfect, but I could run in the woods with a rifle and shoot people, which is awesome. I just like killing people.

The second game I played was Emona by Night: Golden Years. An international WoD Vampire game set in the year 1902 (Slovenia). Some of the players played their characters from their usual vampire chronicles, just the younger versions, which was kinda interesting to meet the known characters a little bit differently.
I played a Prince of Trieste from the Giovanni clan. The Giovanni family/clan is spoiled, rich, hedonistic, incessant practicing an art of necromancy (and some of then necrophilia even). You got the picture. My game was about politics, family ties and occultism. We ended the game with a big decadent blood ritual.
The game was nice and I also met a lot of international friends and made new ones. It also gave me a second wind for making an international game (more info is coming this half of the year).

Larp Summary for April 2019

I took it kinda slowly in April, because (as I am telling often), I want to participate in less larps this year. Not sure, if I manage, looking into calendar for May, but that will be topic for next time.
I played a NPC for a Changeling: The Lost larp in Prague. I played a doppelganger to one player’s character. I have been cut and thrown into the river. That was one big grudge, I guess.
I also played cyberpunk larp Projekt Chiron set 10 years in future. My character Sebastian #Sharp Lang was a spoiled son of a rich father, shadowrunnish hacker, drug dealer and a party boy. Sadly, I had very little time to play the character, so I played him only for one evening. I just took a part in one social event (where the business is often made). It was fun though.
The last larp I played was called Arcanum and I played it as a player maybe after 8 or so years once again. I used to co-organise and npcing (that is a verb) it and it felt so good to be a player this time.
The larp is an urban fantasy inspired by a lot of sources. I mean by A LOT (WoD, Dresden Files, Ctulhu myth, Night & Day Watch etc…), but the mix is interesting and I like it.
I played an Intelligence agent mixed with an Inquisitor guy overseeing Top Secret magical projects and helping Magical Task Force in the town.
It was a great fun and I really enjoyed the role, where I could actually use all my knowledge as a person from another runs (that are vaguely connected) and so I felt like really well-informed intelligence agent.
Oh, and I and my co-organisers are working on an international WoD larp for next year and as soon as we have confirmed location, we can set a date and go public.

Larp Summary for May 2019

Starship Troopers larp – it was more an airsoft event with larp elements, but oh boy, this one was so damn good! Mainly because of the theme and organisers and players‘ approach to really overhyped Mobile Infantry of the Federation regime.
I played (as last time substitute) captain of the platoon, so it was up to me to give general orders, coordinate the lieutenants of squads etc. I kinda missed being a member of a squad, but I enjoyed the game anyway.
The missions were interesting with cool gadgets (for example hacking etc.), different goals and occasional twists.
So hop in, do you like to live forever?
The Masquerade – a Vampire the Masquerade larp, where I play a Lasombra antitribu – a gentleman with fondness into occult and mystical ways and culture, history and etiquette as well.
I visited the realm of Dreams and had A LOT of Elysium chit chat.
Valley of Shadow – an international run of a blues dancing larp. I already played a betatest of the game and was curious how the game is redesigned since. And I think the organisers did a very good job. The parts that were great stayed great (mainly the dancing scenes) and the parts that needed some changes ended up better (mainly workshops).
Two players play one character and there are two settings played – characters are in prison, scenes are normally played and the situation is hopeless and their dreams about better life – scenes are only dances without any talk.
I still think, the two free non-dancing scenes in a prison are a bit weak, but the dancing ones are so damn good, it does not erase the seal of approval.
Interesting was how almost half of the participants were playing a larp for their first time (they were mainly the recruits of the international blues dance scene), which was pretty cool!

Larp Summary for July 2019

In July, I played only one larp! (See, how I tuned it down, as I said… saying that now, before I go to three larps in august… ups).
This larp is called Bucanero (yeah, like the rum and it is not a coincidence, because…) and it is a pirate musical larp!
Yeah, during the larp, you basically only sing (and drink rum). There is a great pianist, who plays the whole time, which is leading you quite nicely. There are all those pirate tropes you love! Treasure island, hidden women between pira… ehm sailors; mutiny on ship; children of pirates who do not know it; famous pirate stories; fencing etc.
I would definitely play it again, if I have a second chance. Arrr!

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